Friday, September 12, 2008

Topsail Island

A couple of weeks ago we joined Chris, Nancy, and the kids for a few days on their vacation at Topsail Island, NC. We had a blast with them and made lots of memories. This is the house Chris rented which was only a short walk from the beach. This is the view from the back of the house.

I love watching and listening to the waves. I could adapt to being a "beach bum" very quickly.

I had to include this picture. One of the many times the waves got the best of Chris and dumped him into the sand. :)Getting ready to eat a yummy dinner prepared by Nancy.
Picture time

Thanks Chris & Nancy for inviting us - we had a wonderful time!


Nancy said...

The pictures made me laugh yet again! I loved seeing all your pictures. I might have to steal some of them since you have some that I don't. Wish you all could have stayed longer.....maybe next time :)

Brenda said...

Wow - looks like a beautiful place! Glad you had a good time!

Blog of a College Student said...

looks like yaal had fun! i am surviving nursing it's really overwhelming as i'm sure you know..especially when most of your assignments tests quiz etc are online and you don't have internet cuz the stinkin electric has been out all week....grr..oh well i won't complain cuz i can do my h.w. at school and i'm goin home this weekend and they have power/internet there :)